3 Simple Rules in Building Your Dream Network

A new year can mean the beginning of so many new things. If starting a business or new career is one of those things, one area you should be concentrating on, that often gets overlooked, is networking. Networking can be a key strategy in conquering your fears and gaining the necessary momentum to conquer your goals.

Meeting the right people is a learning curve to get you where you need to be faster. People who have already accomplished the goals you have for yourself can serve as a reliable resource and can give you the information that you need right away. It's on you to take action.

Attending events that speak to you and may attract the type of people you want to meet. Don't just go to an event, just to go and waste time. You'll feel unproductive and will lack motivation to attend another event. It's okay to pick events based on your personality type. If you're an introvert, meetups may prove more productive than a happy hour or cocktail reception. (Please note: #100BusinessGirls events are Introvert friendly).

Before you go sending mass emails and asking everyone to coffee or lunch. Do some research and see if the people you want to meet will be hosting or speaking at an event, if they have a book, or were featured in an interview. Sometimes the questions you want to ask them can be answered by researching any of those key things or just by following them on social media. While you may be an awesome person, don't approach people expecting them to "put you on". Put yourself on, by showing through your actions what you are all about and you will attract the type of people you want to meet, naturally.

Building your dream network won't happen overnight, there is no time limit. It's a constant process of adding, eliminating, and maintaining relationships. If you are looking for more tips and strategies you can read and download our networking playbook, 0 to 100: How to Grow Your Network the #100BusinessGirls Way.

Thanks for reading!

- Jamillah Y. Johnson