Let's Do Brunch! NYC Fall Meetup + Hill Harper Book Signing Recap

L to R: Etophia Lane, Asha Johnson, Jamillah Johnson, Debbie Louis, Dana Thorbourne, and Tanya Johnson
(Please note that none of the Johnsons are related)

On Saturday, November 9th, we hosted our last meetup of 2013 at Lexington Brass (517 Lexington Avenue). Over brunch we discussed what it means to "Measure Your Own Success". Here are some questions that you can yourself.

As an entrepreneur/professional, how do you measure your success?
What factors do you feel have propelled your success?
What factors do you feel have deterred your success?
As 2013 draws to a close, it is important that we evaluate our progress. Have you met your goals that you set at the beginning of the year? If not, continue to work towards them. Time is constantly moving and while the new year feels like a new start, every second, every minute, hour, that we are on this planet is a chance to start or finish a goal. Here are some more useful tips:
1. Set resolutions throughout the year, not just for the New Year.
2. If you slack off, there's nothing wrong with picking up where you left off or starting over. What's important is that you keep moving forward.
3. Record your goals in a notebook so that you are able to map everything out as you see it in your head. Nothing is too far-fetched when putting this exercise into practice. You might not be able to accomplish a goal by next week or month, but it doesn't mean it won't ever be possible.
4. Be patient.
5. Create a list of short and long term goals. Things that can be accomplished sooner should get first priority. Research counts as working towards your goals.
6. Always do your research before pursuing a new venture. There's a chance your new idea is already in existence, but don't let that discourage you. It means that you have a good idea. It just needs to have your signature on it.
7. Take time out to examine your progress to appreciate how far you have come.
8. Measure YOUR success against YOUR OWN success. With social media we are in constant contact with what your peers are doing and it can become competitive whether we realize it or not. Take what you see online with a grain of salt.
Thank you to those in attendance:
Debbie Louis - Owner, A La Mode Events
Tanya Johnson - Independent Consultant, Traci Lynn Jewelry
Asha Johnson - Consultant, Traci Lynn Jewelry
Dana Thorbourne - Consultant, Traci Lynn Jewelry
After brunch, Etophia and I headed to Brooklyn to attend a book signing and discussion with bestselling author and "Covert Affairs" star Hill Harper. His latest book is entitled "Letters to an Incarcerated Brother: Encouragement, Hope, and Healing for Inmates and Their Loved Ones." I'm halfway through reading and although Hill stated that anyone may find the book helpful, not just those in prison, I will vouch that a lot of topics discussed can be applied to those of us reluctant to start a business or take our business to the next level. Make sure you check out Etophia's article on Examiner.com.

Event: Let's Do Brunch! New York City {Fall 2013}

Join us for our last Let's Do Brunch! meetup of 2013
Saturday, November 9th

Details and RSVP at the link below:

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2 Year Anniverary Dinner Meetup Recap

L to R: Jasmine Elise, Toosdhi Perry (stripes), Alexis Crowder, Lana Adams, Latiayanna Tabb, Jamillah Johnson, Felicia Harris, Waheedah Alford, and Etophia Lane

On Saturday, September 28th, #100BusinessGirls celebrated our 2 year anniversary at Landmark Americana - University City in Philly. Over sangria and delicious food, we were elated to meet up with a group of dynamic women on the move. Our Business Girl topic of the evening focused on "Winning With Integrity". Here are some tips that were discussed at the event:

1. Honor your commitments and obligations. People want to do business with those they trust. Make sure you are a person of your word. Keep your appointments, show up on time, complete your projects, and most of all communicate with your clients.

2. Make sure your clients communicate with you and hold them accountable for their actions.

3. Don’t let friends, family, or clients jeopardize the reputation of your business. Monitor your Facebook tags and Twitter mentions, sometimes your personal circle doesn’t factor in your branding when sending personal invites or uploading photos. Also be careful about referrals.

4. Don’t be afraid to walk away. As entrepreneurs, a lot of our business is dependent on others and if we’re delivering the goods on time, we need to be paid for services – on time. Have all of your agreements in writing prior to starting any work. Never be afraid to drop clients who are disrespectful, high maintenance, or contract violators, etc. But before you end on bad terms, please refer back to tip #1 and #2.

5. Remain involved in community-related issues that fall in line with your beliefs. You want to be seen as a community contributor and you want to stay involved, so choose something you are really passionate about.

Thanks to everyone in attendance!

Felicia Harris -- Founder & President, Influencing Action Movement
www.influencingaction.org  | Tweet @influenceaction 

Lana Adams -- Writer/Flimmaker & Co-Founder, Mic Check 1-Two!
speakwhenspokento.wordpress.com | http://miccheck1two.wordpress.com/
Tweet @mic_check_ | @lanadot

Latiayanna Tabb -- Owner, Tabb Management & Co-Founder, Mic Check 1-Two
www.tabbmgt.com | www.facebook.com/tabbMGT

Alexis Crowder -- Tabb Management

Toosdhi Perry -- Independent Medicare Advantage Agent

Waheedah Alford -- Owner, Why PR & Marketing
whyprandmarketing.wordpress.com | Tweet @WhyPR

#BKGiftingSocial Celebrates the VMAs & Small Business with Gifting & Networking Event

On August 22, #100BusinessGirls hosted the #BKGiftingSocial at The Shops at 145 Front Street in DUMBO Brooklyn. We were honored to have Alex McCord (VH1's Couples Therapy, Bravo's Real Housewives of New York) stop by to visit our participating shops and receive a gift bag from our sponsors.

Vedazzling Accessories owner Velvet Lattimore gifts Alex McCord with a clutch from her boutique

Alex McCord visits ChiTi Beauty

Networking & Shopping at our host boutique Vedazzling Accessories

Guests enjoyed these chocolate covered treats provided by Shavon Grant of Your Sweets Granted

Guests enjoy a tasting of organic non alcoholic cocktails at DLO Infusion Bar

Nakeeta Wills of Rose Marketing Alliance shows off her makeup done at ChiTi Beauty

Alex McCord strikes a pose with Kenya Murray of Like A Celebrity Concierge

Etophia Lane with Jovanka Ciares

Dana Thorbourne of Traci Lynn Jewelry with Charlotte Anderson Esq.

View More Pictures Here

Special thanks to the store owners at The Shops at 145 Front Street: Vedazzling Accessories, Chiti Beauty, DLO Infusion Bar, Cowlicks, Something In Mind, and Calabar Imports.

And to our participating gift bag and event sponsors: Like A Celebrity Concierge, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Your Sweets Granted, and Rose Marketing Alliance.


Let's Do Brunch! The Hamptons Recap

L to R: Shana Heath, Jamillah Johnson, Ovington Prophete, and Etophia Lane

On Sunday, August 11th, we held our first Hamptons brunch meetup at The Cuddy in Sag Harbor, New York. After the many loops and turns (thanks to Google Maps) and traffic, we arrived almost two hours late for our own event. Fortunately our guests understood and didn't leave and we were able to enjoy a nice afternoon. We also had our first gentleman join us at the table for the brunch which was pretty cool.

Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was "The Summertime Networking Advantage" -- How to Relax & Still Grow Your Business before Labor Day.

  1. Take advantage of people's lighter schedules. Invite them out to coffee or lunch.
  2. Improve your digital networking. Connect with people on social media and update your profiles.
  3. Never leave home without your business cards. You never know who you might meet at a summertime get together.
  4. Build/Refresh your website - People will Google before they connect with you, so always keep your website or social media pages updated with current news.
  5. Access Goals - By now you should know if you're on track to reaching any goals you set in the beginning of the year. Go over any lists you made to make sure you're sticking to your plans. If not, set up time to work on them.
  6. Automate Your Business - Remember to set up email to respond while you're away.
  7. Relax and take time for yourself - As entrepreneurs we get accustomed to working non-stop, but this is your company always remember to give yourself some vacation time.
In attendance:

Shana Heath -- Managing Partner, The Candy Store Marketing Group

Ovington Prophete -- CEO, The Candy Store Marketing Group

Promo Opp: #100Busine​ssGirls hosts Gifting Social in Celebratio​n of the MTV VMAs || 8.22.13

The 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards will make history as the first major annual awards show to take place in the borough of Brooklyn.

#100BusinessGirls will be hosting the #BKGiftingSocial to kickoff this exciting weekend of festivities and will be distributing gift bags to an exclusive set of entertainers, influencers, and media personalities. This invitation only event will take place on Thursday, August 22, 2013.

We are currently looking for sponsors to participate in our VIP Gift Bags and would like to invite you to participate in this amazing marketing opportunity. This is a chance to get your products into the hands of industry executives, style-makers and consumer influencers. Recipients will receive delivery of gift bags at the event.

The event information is as follows:

What: #100BusinessGirls presents the #BKGiftingSocial

When: Thursday, August 22

Who: Guests from music, film and fashion; stylists, executives, agents and press

Where: The Shops at 145 Front Street in DUMBO Brooklyn

Quantity: 100 items (You are free to scale the gifts to fit recipients — highest value for VIPs, more modest gifts for press, etc.) Product and Gift Certificates Accepted. We will have confirmed invites the week of the event available upon request.

Placement Fee: Please inquire and refer to the #100BusinessGirls website

  • Introduce/Promote your products and services to top to industry executives, style-makers and consumer influencers. (Due to space we are unable to accommodate on-site vending.)
  • Recipients will receive delivery of gift bags upon arrival.
  • Company name and website included in all press materials.
  • Logo Placement on RSVP page.
  • Post-event recap coverage including names of all press and celebrities that attended.

For more information regarding this opportunity please inquire at info@100BusinessGirls.com. Products must arrive no later than August 21, 2013.
For invitation consideration contact jamillah@100BusinessGirls.com.

Event: Let's Do Brunch! The Hamptons {Summer 2013}

Join us for a Special Summer Edition of Let's Do Brunch! on Sunday, August 11th from1-3pm at The Cuddy in Sag Harbor, New York. RSVP HERE!

Let's Do Brunch! NYC Summer Meetup Recap

L to R: Toosdhi Perry, Christina Barker, Jovanka Ciares, Tanya Brown, Cathy Jones, Jamillah Johnson, Etophia Lane, Kenya Murray, and Velvet Lattimore

On Sunday, June 30th, we hosted our fourth New York meetup at The Liberty NYC (29 W. 35th Street). Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was on "Social Networking: Balancing Your Business & Personal Life Online." While we don't share what was discussed in detail, as always we will share a few tips:

  • Use Discernment – certain personal views shouldn’t be shared online with the world and could have an impact on your professional life.

  • Consistency is Key -- Your brand personality says a lot about you. Make sure you keep your tone, word choices, and response time consistent with your audience.

  • Don’t engage in negative conversation about competitors or leaders in your industry online. If you need to vent, speak with a close friend in confidence.
  • Balance your self-promotion by promoting and helping others. This will make your followers more receptive to your promotional posts and more likely that they will pass it along.
  • If you ever get in the position that you feel the need to defend a negative comment or criticism, don’t react right away. Take enough time to remove the venom from your thoughts before responding, if at all. Remember silence is golden and the online trolls will starve.


Thanks to everyone in attendance:

Tanya Brown -- Creative Director, Lauren St. Julian (Jewelry)

Jovanka Ciares -- Wellness Expert + Nutrition Coach
www.jovankaciares.com | @jovankaciares

Toosdhi Perry -- Independent Medicare Advantage Agent

Christina Barker -- Engineer + Aspiring Entrepreneur

Cathy Jones -- Consultant #13148, Traci Lynn Jewelry

Velvet Lattimore -- Owner, Vedazzling Accessories & Boutique
145 Front Street, Dumbo - Brooklyn, NY | www.vedazzlingaccessories.com

Latisha Kenya Murray -- Concierge + Work/Life Balance Specialist, Like A Celebrity LLC

Stay tuned for upcoming meetups and events. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and sign up for our Newsletter to stay in the loop!

Event: Let's Do Brunch! New York City Summer Meetup

Join us Sunday, June 30th from 2-4pm.

RSVP: http://100businessgirlsjune2013.eventbrite.com

If you would like your products featured in our gift bags, please inquire at 100businessgirls@gmail.com.

Let's Do Brunch! Philly Spring Meetup Recap

On Sunday, April 28th, we held our fifth Philly brunch meetup at SoleFood (1200 Market Street) and had our largest turnout to date. There were a diversity of industries represented from education, fashion, insurance, online media, and public relations. We continued the discussion from our New York session on how women represent themselves in business. Each attendee was asked to apply it to their own business and industry and we gained many different perspectives. It was a very inspiring event and if you missed this one, please be on the look out for our next upcoming meetups that we will host this summer. Follow us on twitter @100BusinessGrls and sign up to our newsletter by clicking that link in the top left hand corner.

Here are the remaining tips from our previous post:

Accept Change
Change is a given. Everything must come to an end in order to allow growth.

Consider yourself  a VIP/Think & Act Like A CEO
Whether just starting your business, or working for others, always hold your head high.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 
Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Celebrate Other’s Success
Congratulate your colleagues. Cheer for their success as if it were your own. Read about others who are where you want to be and learn from them.

Thank you to everyone in attendance:

Regina Hutchings - Founder, Hutchings Consulting & Services, LLC

Shantae Landingham J.D. MBA - The Vanguard Group

Melissa Lopez - Motivational Life Coach, Positively Shining

Parisnicole Payton - President & CEO, The PNP Agency
www.thepnpagency.com | Twitter @thepnpagency

Ciara Hathaway - Co-owner, Tripl3 H3lix Fashion Boutique

Shanyah Wright - Co-owner, Tripl3 H3lix Fashion Boutique

Onyx Roberts - Global Lipstick

Jeta Stephens - Global Lipstick

Toosdhi Perry - Independent Medicare Advantage Agent

Essence Cohen MA  - Mental Health Therapist &
Columnist, Everything Girls Love  - www.everythinggirlslove.com

Sylvia Simms - Member, School Reform Commission

& Founder/President, Parent Power

Quibila Divine - President/Founder of EARTHS

& Director of Education & Community Resources, Women's Christian Alliance

Haniyyah Sharpe - President, Temple Association of Black Journalists

& Chair of Communications for the Congressional Black Caucus Alumni Association



Event: Let's Do Brunch! Philly {Spring 2013}

Join us on Sunday, April 28th in Philadelphia for our signature meetup event Let's Do Brunch!

RSVP: http://100businessgirlsapril2013.eventbrite.com

Let's Do Brunch! NYC Spring Meetup Recap

In attendance from L to R: (Front) Nzinga Basir, Etophia Lane, Jamillah Johnson, Qiana Williams, Kenya Murray, L to R: (Back) Rosalind Lee, Asha Tarry, Shakirra Starling, and Cheri Morris.
Our first NYC Brunch meetup of 2013 took place yesterday at Highpoint Bistro & Bar. So many diverse industries and perspectives were represented. Our Business Girl Topic Day "Who Does She Think She Is?" addressed how women represent themselves in business and how open or closed minded we can be when it comes to sharing our resources.
Here are 6 Tips that are important to remember:
1. Keep a Positive Mind - Master the art of positive thinking. You are worthy and deserving of the best life has to offer, but also its challenges.
2. Know Your Value - Don't sell yourself or your time short.
3. Control and Learn from Your Emotions
4. Never Stop Learning - Stay up on current trends in your industry
5. Surround Yourself with Good People - Have a circle of people that encourage and support your ambition.
6. Celebrate Your Success  
Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Do something you enjoy.
Thank you to everyone that came out!
Asha Tarry, Executive Director
The Collective Advocates for Social Change & Development, Inc
Shakirra Starling, Freelance Hairstylist/Make-up Artist
Owner, Trend Settaz Salon
Latisha Kenya Murray, Concierge, Work/Life Balance Specialist
Like A Celebrity, LLC  | www.likeacelebnyc.com
Qiana Williams, Marketing/PR, SEO Writing & Fashion Consultant
Cheri Morris, Owner
Cheri Mona's Attic | www.cherimonasattic.com
Rosalind Lee, Consultant #11552
Traci Lynn Jewelry | www.tracilynnjewelry.net

Event: Let's Do Brunch! New York City {Spring 2013}

Our first NYC brunch meetup of 2013 is taking place Sunday, March 24th from 2-4pm. RSVP at the following link: http://100businessgirlsnyc2013.eventbrite.com

Let's Do Brunch! Philly Meetup {Winter 2013}

Left to Right: L Ayers, Jamillah Yaasmin Johnson, Nikkia Moss, Anjelica Hill, Danielle Jeter, Chanel Tartt-Minor, Jasmine Wall, and Etophia Lane

Our first meetup of 2013 was another success. We returned to one of our favorite locations Square 1682 (121 S. 17th Street adjacent to the Hotel Palomar). Our Business Girl Topic of the Day addressed "The Power of Patience". Here's a peek at our tip sheet for those unable to join us:

• Become meticulous and attentive to important details.
• Think logically and use more common sense.
• More likely to be prepared and have goals in place.
• Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
• Will be able to establish your resources and needs and know how to manage them.

IMPATIENT people are:
• Much more impulsive.
• More likely to jump to conclusions.
• Make hasty decisions that ultimately cost their business.

• Have a healthy dose of AMBITION to establish your goals.
• Take the necessary steps towards those goals and evaluate along the way. Some will yield success and some may go horribly wrong and that is okay.
• Take action! Don’t get stuck and never give up. You can always come back to a goal if it wasn’t accomplished. Having patience will help you take those steps.

Our next Philly meetup will be Sunday, April 28th.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Danielle Jeter -- CEO/Founder, Affairs of Isis Events
Production | Management | Staffing

Anjelica Hill -- Owner, JeliBean Shoes
www.myjelibeanshoes.com | Tweet @jelibeanshoes

Nikkia Moss --Vice President/Mentor,  Influencing Action
www.influencingaction.com | Tweet @influenceaction

Jasmine Wall -- Public Health Professional

Chanel Tartt - Minor -- Education Professional; Project Coordinator, Affairs of Isis Events

Event: Let's Do Brunch! Philadelphia Meetup

Join us for our first brunch meetup of 2013!

When: Sunday, January 27th
Time: 1-3pm
Where: Square 1682, adjacent to Hotel Palomar, on the corner of 17th & Samson

Click the link to RSVP: http://100businessgirlsphilly2013.eventbrite.com