What to Do When You're Tired of Building a 'Brand'

There comes a point in our journey where we may begin to feel a bit weary. When we question why we even bother with what we're doing? This is the perfect time to remember you WHY!

Why did you start your business?
Who do you want to help?
What legacy do you want to create for your family?
How do you want to spend your days?

I may have a few ideas per day that I write down and sometimes I just question why do I even have them lol. I know it sounds crazy or maybe you understand and have that thought as well. I've come to learn that:

Your gifts aren't about you!

Yup, that's right.

Your purpose involves helping others. And in giving you get what you need.

You don't need to 'build a brand' to do that.

It starts with being who you are and having the desire to keep learning and growing. Eventually buzzwords such as 'branding' fall to the wayside, but you need to keep evolving and stepping into your greatness.

We all get tired, but the object is to keep moving forward.

If you need to take time for yourself, please do. You don't do yourself or anyone you want to serve a favor by suffering from any type of exhaustion: physical, mental, or emotional.

- Jamillah Y. Johnson

Do You!

Recap: #100BusinessGirls NYC Fall Meetup

In this Picture: Nzinga Basir, Jamillah Johnson, Denisha Choice, Tamika Rose, and Brandon Slaughter

This past Sunday, October 2, we hosted our Let's Do Brunch! NYC meetup at Clyde Frazier's Wine + Dine (485 10th Ave). Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was "The Rules for Life + Business" and our special guest was Brandon Slaughter, who spoke about his The Rules 4 Life project. The Rules 4 Life is part social game, part collaborative scrapbook that allows you to write down thoughts on various topics. The book can also be passed around to others so they can include their take on life.

It was great to share our stories about the rules we've learned along the way.

Here are the topic questions that were discussed for you to think about:

What are some golden rules you live by?
What rules have you learned during your entrepreneurial and/or professional journey?
What do you wish you could tell your younger self about life?

Learn more about The Rules 4 Life  or The Rules for Marriage 

Nzinga Basir ~ Blue Mystique Fashion
Tamika Rose ~  Girls in Ballet School - The Bodysuit Specialist
Denisha Choice ~ Black Diamond Getaways