[Video] In Case You Missed It...#PowerMyNetwork Series Summer Recap

Time is flying. The Summer of 2019 came and went. #100BusinessGirls hosted two meetups this summer with Roquita Johnson, an award winning speaker, speaking coach, and contributing author of the book, Speak Up!The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry. Roquita is the creator of Slay the Stage, a movement in which she coaches aspiring and current speakers to create powerful, touching messages that stay with the audience long after they have left the stage.

If you are looking for a speaking coach or would like more information about becoming a great speaker, make sure you follow Roquita on Instagram (@roquitajohnson_publicspeaking), where she shares tips and you can receive details about her upcoming workshops. You can also visit: www.roquitajohnson.com. Below is a snippet of our #PowerMyNetwork Brunch & Conversations meetup this past June in NYC.