[event] Navigating the Book Publishing Experience with Dawn Michelle Hardy - July 23 (Philly) + August 6 (NYC)

#100BusinessGirls and Dream Relations PR & Literary Consulting Agency 
Navigating the Book Publishing Experience with Dawn Michelle Hardy 

When you sit in on Navigating the Book Publishing Experience, you’ll learn the important aspects of becoming a published author—from conceptualizing ideas, finding your voice, creating a catchy hook, identifying your readership, and how to market your work to catch the attention of literary agents, editors, and publishers.

$20 to attend and partake in the discussion and Q & A.
$35 includes a 15 minute 1 on 1 speed mentoring session with Dawn Michelle Hardy to discuss your ideas/project.

Brunch will be available for purchase and is not included in this price.

We have two upcoming dates:

Philadelphia - July 23, 2017 
2pm - 4pm
RSVP: https://publishingbrunchPHL.eventbrite.com 

New York City - Sunday, August 6, 2017 
2pm - 4pm
RSVP: https://publishingbrunchNYC.eventbrite.com 

Location will be given upon RSVP for both events.

About Dawn Michelle Hardy

Dawn Michelle Hardy is a book publicist and literary agent who has worked with writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for the past 15 years. She founded her agency Dream Relations PR & Literary Consulting in 2004 after working with Teri Woods author of True to the Game.

As a publicist she represents fiction, non-fiction and poetry including New York Times bestselling book The Beastside: Living and Dying While Black in America by D. Watkins, 3x-award winning novel The Perfect Find by Tia Williams, a former magazine beauty editor, Counting Descent, a collection of poetry written by Clint Smith an award-winning poet and Behind the Mask: The Linebacker Edition by NFL veteran Takeo Spikes.

She joined Serendipity Literary Agency as an associate in 2011. Some of her clients at Serendipity Literary Agency include Kent Babb, Washington Post sports writer and PEN Literary Award finalist for Not a Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson, Jean McGianni Celestin, co-writer of the Nat Turner biopic, The Birth of a Nation and Clay Cane, author of Live Through This: Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God and Race.

Dawn describes the work she does as being "a talent manager for creative storytellers across multiple platforms".

You can learn more about Dawn here: www.DreamRelationsPR.com
Follow her on social media: IG @DreamRelationsPR and on Twitter @DawnMichellePR

For more information please contact: info@100BusinessGirls.com

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[in the news] Women in Tech, Diversity & You - Meetup Recap from Nicole Patton

On April 30th, #100BusinessGirls hosted a Women in Tech meetup with Nicole Patton, a tech professional and STEM advocate, passionate about the importance of diversity and inclusion. Not just talking about it, but actually having solutions.

Here's a clip from the event: 

Read more about what we discussed and tips on how you can create a better experience for women in tech on Nicole's Blog: [Click Here]

Upcoming Event: Women in Sports Brunch - June 10th, 2017

On Saturday, June 10th, we're back in New York for a special discussion over brunch "Women in Sports: UnManning the Game" led by guest speaker Shana Renee. 

Shana Renee puts the femme in female sports fan and expert. 

As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of All Sports Everything, a New York centric sports blog with a range of lifestyle, news, and other sports-relevant content, Shana Renee is the epitome of the modern sports enthusiast. A true, sports-minded millennial woman, Shana Renee represents the future of sports – knowledgeable, ever-evolving and not easily defined. 

As a former ESPN marketing professional, Shana Renee, a native New Yorker, understands how sports, pop culture and the language of today’s athletes intersect – adding a unique perspective, relatable relevance and necessary voice to a traditionally male-driven sports community. Her keen knowledge of sports and strong point of view have made her a highly sought-after multi-media personality, as she regularly provides sports commentary and analysis for an array of media outlets. 

Shana Renee’s features include Black Enterprise.com, Essence.com, MSNBC.com, and the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. She currently contributes to espnW, is a New York University adjunct instructor, and Madison Square Garden marketing consultant. 

Shana Renee earned a B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College and an M.S in Sports Business from NYU. 

During the brunch we will discuss: 

  • Creating your own lane through entrepreneurship 
  • Navigating being a woman in a man's world 
  • How being a woman is an asset, not a liability 
  • + More
Seating is Limited. 

To RSVP click below: 

[May Book Share] Three Books You Should Read This Month

These are three great books that I am currently reading. I should be finished this week. There are just so many gems that I have gotten from each one that I think will make you a better and grow as a business woman, but most importantly as an individual. 

by Beth L. Buelow

Think you have to be loud and brash to be successful in business? Think again. The strengths and traits of the typical introvert lend themselves well to entrepreneurship, as well as “intrapreneurship” and a range of business roles. In The Introvert Entrepreneur, professional coach Beth Buelow shows readers how to harness their natural gifts (including curiosity, independence, and a love of research) and counteract their challenges (such as an aversion to networking and self-promotion). She addresses a wide range of topics --from managing fears and expectations and developing a growth mindset to networking, marketing, leadership skills, and community-building--informed by interviews with introverts who have created successful businesses without compromising their core personality. 
Filled with fresh insights and actionable advice, this essential guide will support anyone who’s striving to make a difference in a loud and chaotic world.

by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D

Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to build a powerful new relationship with their money and bring their dreams to fruition through Dr. Maria Nemeth's dynamic workshops. Now you can, too. In The Energy of Money, Dr. Nemeth--who received an Audio Publishers Award for her Sounds True series on which this book is based--draws upon her more than twenty years' experience in synthesizing spiritual and practical techniques for managing yourself and your work to create a revolutionary program that can free your financial energy and use it to achieve personal life goals and financial wealth. Combining a complete self-help and self-discovery regimen with proven methods of money management, this powerhouse guide to prosperity presents twelve principles that will help you to - 
  • Uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert your everyday use of money and personal resources -
  • Tame the dragons of driven behavior and busyholism 
  • Defuse fears of deprivation and scarcity 
  • Embrace and work through paradox and confusion 
  • Consciously focus your money energy 
  • Clear yourself to receive the energy and support of others and the universe 
  • Develop and stay on your personal path to abundance 
Through easy-to-follow exercises and meditations, effective worksheets, and other interactive processes, Dr. Nemeth will guide you to financial success and help you manifest your special contribution to the world.

by Susan T. Spencer
Women, you're unique. You lead differently from men, and that's a good thing--especially in the world of business! By reading Briefcase Essentials, you'll learn how to deal with men in business instead of trying to act like them. You--and your male colleagues--will discover that by using your natural talents in the business world, the power of your positive actions will change men's attitude from confrontational to cooperative--even in the most male-dominated environments. Susan Spencer's one-of-a-kind background has given her a fresh perspective on women in business. Her exciting saga and energizing guide roots for you to succeed and urges you to tackle business issues and situations by relying on your innate talents--explained as twelve ''Briefcase Essentials.'' Specifically, you'll learn: 

  • How your ability to be flexible and adaptable in business will help you solve problems and handle workplace issues. 
  • How using your knack of engaging people and putting them first will lead to business success.
  • How and when you should stand your ground to achieve positive results and gain credibility.
  • How your intuition can be trusted to help you make important decisions. 
  • How your perceptive communication will drive sales and help your company grow. 
  • How ''bandwagon men'' help women finance their businesses and support their growth. 
Susan's stories and examples are authentic, and her advice for women in business, who own companies, or who are thinking about starting a business is direct, practical, pioneering, and barrier breaking. You are persistent, adaptable, improvisational, and empathetic. When you unleash those and your eight other proven traits in the workplace, your success is inevitable.

All of these books can be found on Amazon for under $11. The first two, The Introvert Entrepreneur and The Energy of Money allow you to really dig deep into various areas of your life and complete exercises that will help you identify and improve. What I particularly love about Susan's book, Briefcase Essentials is that these are her stories from her experience owning several businesses from selling tennis dresses, to General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, to owner of Allied Steaks. You can learn a great deal in terms of taking chances and trusting your gut. It is often said, but to read about it in action is equivalent to having a priceless mentor in the palm of your hand.

Happy Reading!

Upcoming Event: Women in Technology Brunch - April 30th, 2017

On Sunday, April 30th, we will be hosting a very special discussion over brunch, "Women in Technology, Diversity, and You" led by guest speaker, Nicole Patton.

Nicole Patton has over eleven years technology experience in system engineering, application implementation and standardization of enterprise environments. She works in public and private sectors bringing her diverse knowledge of technologies to provide client solutions.
Throughout her career Nicole has been one of the few African American females on technical teams. She empowers others by speaking about the importance of tech diversity and inclusion. Her tech talks also encourage women and minorities to strive for leadership roles in the tech field. Nicole holds a B.S. and M.S. in Management of Information Technology and a MBA from the University of Maryland. She speaks at college, high school, and public events sharing her story among STEM students and professionals..

During the discussion we will: 

  • Explore the journey of women and minorities in diverse/non-diverse tech environments 
  • Share personal stories 
  • Discuss the role inclusion has in providing more diverse workspaces, and 
  • Discuss how we can create a pipeline for more women and minorities in tech,,,and more!!!
Seating is limited.

To RSVP visit:
Location will be revealed upon RSVP

[April Book Share] Three Books You Should Read This Month

This month all I'm going to tell you is this. Make sure Worth More Than Gold is at the top of your books you must own list. I've curated a treasure of affirmations that have helped me on this journey of entrepreneurship and I just want to pass on the wisdom and sanity reinforcement. 

Next, I want to highlight authors who are actually in the #100BusinessGirls network (and if you read this and I didn't include you, make sure you email me and I will highlight your work as well. You must have attended an event in the past to be mentioned.)

Ashley Coleman is an author and publisher of WriteLaughDream.com. Her latest book, Love on Purpose: Make your love intentional, deliberate, and on purpose "visits the most common relationship issues and how to work through them in love; from managing unrealistic expectations to improving communication." Ashley is also the author of Dear Love: A love letter to you, a collection of love notes and narratives that will change the way you think about love. Follow Ashley @writelaughdream

Tiffany Wilson is an inspirational speaker, spiritual leader, and the author of #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win: 12 Keys to Unlocking the Love and Life Your Desire . #GetEngaged is a manifesto for women everywhere who want to be more confident, spiritually connected, and continue to grow in their life and career. Follow Tiffany @tiffytalks and visit www.tiffytalks.com.

Lorenza Tanya Brown is an author and business consultant that helps entrepreneurs launch their fashion line. Her book, How to Create the Fashion Designs of Your Dreams, is a DIY guide for any aspiring fashion designer and/or fashion entrepreneur filled with all the proper information and resources necessary to go from idea to execution, no technical skills required. Follow Lorenza @lorenzabrownconsulting