#100BusinessGirls Philly Let's Do Brunch! Recap {Spring 2012}

L to R: Etophia Lane, Jamillah Johnson, Caroline Yang, Thomasene Gee,
Karima Adkins, Onyx Finney

Today marked our third meetup in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. We chose Landmark Americana located in University City (34th & Market) as our spot of choice. As always brunch was filled with inspiring stories and thought provoking conversations on women billionaries, the real deal with incorporating your business, and how we could all help Oprah with her network (you had to be there..smile!)

Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was "Knowing and Loving Your Business: Being Prepared for the Next Level". The lack of preparedness of women entrepreneurs was the main focus. Here is a peek at our tipsheet for those unable to join us:

1. Always Be Prepared
Be prepared to improvise. Have a plan B and C lined up and always do your best. Don’t give up without trying.

2. Become the strategist your business needs
Sometimes we can’t always afford to outsource. Spend time researching and learning new technology and techniques that will help your business and your knowledge base grow.

3. Know when its time to ask for help
We can’t do everything ourselves. Know when its time to seek interns to handle the major little things. If you are in need of a professional, ask someone you know experienced in an area you need assistance in and barter your services in exchange for their help. Collaborations are a brilliant way to help someone else while helping yourself.

4. Know Your Numbers
If you’re seeking out investors, know the value of your business. If you offer products or services, never sell yourself short. Love your business enough to know it NEEDS money in order for it thrive. Place the oxygen mask over your face first.

5. Know when its time for a break
Always take some time out to relax, relate, release, and refresh. Whether it’s a weekend, a day, or 30 minutes. Take some time out to recharge your creative juices.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out!

Caroline Yang  -- Project Manrep, E-Commerce Consultant, SEO SEM Specialist

Thomasene Gee -- Owner, Tommi's Passion Parties
Tasteful in-house parties to educate and unleash the diva in you!

Karima Adkins -- Owner/Creative Consultant, Skinny Minority
Fashion & Lifestyle Consulting Brand for the Thick & Curvy
http://www.skinnyminority.com/  | twitter.com/skinnyminority

Onyx Finney -- Principal + COO, The Creative Nous
PR + Brand Managment, Copywriting, Special Events

Event: Death of the Diva Performance + Dinner NYC Meetup- March 31st

Join us in NYC for a performance of Amanda Seales (formerly Amanda DIVA) new one women show "Death of the Diva"

We will be attending the 4pm show on Saturday, March 31st followed by dinner and cocktails at Rare Bar & Grill (125 West 26th Street in the lobby of the Hilton New York Fashion District)

Just a few things:
This is an impromptu event just added on the schedule since the February NYC meetup was canceled. You are responsible for purchasing your own tickets!

Tickets for "Death of the Diva" are $30, $20 for Students!

Saturday, March 31st, 2012 - Showtime 4pm

The Helen Mills Theater
135 West 26th Street (between 6th & 7th avenues)


RSVP for the Dinner Meetup by emailing 100BusinessGirls@gmail.com - Subject: Death of the Diva