Worth More Than Gold is a treasure you should include in your self-improvement arsenal for those times when you just don't have it all together and need a boost. Affirmations are great for when you need a quick pick me up or a swift kick in the a** to get going. 

Success and happiness both start with your mindset. It's all about what you feed your mind and how you choose to feel. With this book you can start changing your inner dialogue one sentence at a time and create a new story that speaks to the life you want to live. 

Available Spring 2017

Write Down Your Goals & Dreams
the dreamprint is a manifest journal meant to spark your creative thoughts and ideas. Writing things down can be a powerful tool in manifesting your dreams into reality. What holds you back from accomplishing your goals? What are you really afraid of? These questions and more will be explored in the first few pages. You will then have free reign to run wild with whatever thoughts come running through your mind in a traditional journal writing format and thus become the author of your own book.

For a limited time only, receive a free copy of 70 Tips for Women in Business (First Edition) with your purchase of The Dreamprint while supplies last. 
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70 Tips for Women in Business: A Compilation to Get Unstuck! is a quick, easy to read pocket gem for the business girl on the go. Hot topics include Branding Yourself, Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Social Networking and More. Use it when brainstorming about your business or to spark discussion within your network. Get unstuck!

Update* November 2015 - The Second Edition of 70 Tips for Women in Business will soon be available. New Cover, Bonus Tips, and Startup Guide to get you thinking and get your business in order! If you want the second edition, it will be available November 16th.

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Nominated for Small Business Book Award in Motivation

Small Business Book Awards 2013