Let's Do Brunch! Philly Meetup {Winter 2013}

Left to Right: L Ayers, Jamillah Yaasmin Johnson, Nikkia Moss, Anjelica Hill, Danielle Jeter, Chanel Tartt-Minor, Jasmine Wall, and Etophia Lane

Our first meetup of 2013 was another success. We returned to one of our favorite locations Square 1682 (121 S. 17th Street adjacent to the Hotel Palomar). Our Business Girl Topic of the Day addressed "The Power of Patience". Here's a peek at our tip sheet for those unable to join us:

• Become meticulous and attentive to important details.
• Think logically and use more common sense.
• More likely to be prepared and have goals in place.
• Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
• Will be able to establish your resources and needs and know how to manage them.

IMPATIENT people are:
• Much more impulsive.
• More likely to jump to conclusions.
• Make hasty decisions that ultimately cost their business.

• Have a healthy dose of AMBITION to establish your goals.
• Take the necessary steps towards those goals and evaluate along the way. Some will yield success and some may go horribly wrong and that is okay.
• Take action! Don’t get stuck and never give up. You can always come back to a goal if it wasn’t accomplished. Having patience will help you take those steps.

Our next Philly meetup will be Sunday, April 28th.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Danielle Jeter -- CEO/Founder, Affairs of Isis Events
Production | Management | Staffing

Anjelica Hill -- Owner, JeliBean Shoes
www.myjelibeanshoes.com | Tweet @jelibeanshoes

Nikkia Moss --Vice President/Mentor,  Influencing Action
www.influencingaction.com | Tweet @influenceaction

Jasmine Wall -- Public Health Professional

Chanel Tartt - Minor -- Education Professional; Project Coordinator, Affairs of Isis Events