Let's Do Brunch! The Hamptons Recap

L to R: Shana Heath, Jamillah Johnson, Ovington Prophete, and Etophia Lane

On Sunday, August 11th, we held our first Hamptons brunch meetup at The Cuddy in Sag Harbor, New York. After the many loops and turns (thanks to Google Maps) and traffic, we arrived almost two hours late for our own event. Fortunately our guests understood and didn't leave and we were able to enjoy a nice afternoon. We also had our first gentleman join us at the table for the brunch which was pretty cool.

Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was "The Summertime Networking Advantage" -- How to Relax & Still Grow Your Business before Labor Day.

  1. Take advantage of people's lighter schedules. Invite them out to coffee or lunch.
  2. Improve your digital networking. Connect with people on social media and update your profiles.
  3. Never leave home without your business cards. You never know who you might meet at a summertime get together.
  4. Build/Refresh your website - People will Google before they connect with you, so always keep your website or social media pages updated with current news.
  5. Access Goals - By now you should know if you're on track to reaching any goals you set in the beginning of the year. Go over any lists you made to make sure you're sticking to your plans. If not, set up time to work on them.
  6. Automate Your Business - Remember to set up email to respond while you're away.
  7. Relax and take time for yourself - As entrepreneurs we get accustomed to working non-stop, but this is your company always remember to give yourself some vacation time.
In attendance:

Shana Heath -- Managing Partner, The Candy Store Marketing Group

Ovington Prophete -- CEO, The Candy Store Marketing Group