Upcoming Event: The Business of YOU 3/28 [Virtual]


Join us and Wellness with Patience Inc. for a FREE 2 hour virtual event with a special focus on holistic wellness. 

During this interactive session, we will discuss issues that impact our overall well being and how we can best achieve our personal visions of success, living balanced, and abundantly. 

This is an evening session and will start at 8pm Eastern Time, please make note of your time zone. 

We look forward to seeing there! 

RSVP: http://thebusinessofyou.eventbrite.com

[Video] In Case You Missed It...#PowerMyNetwork Series Summer Recap

Time is flying. The Summer of 2019 came and went. #100BusinessGirls hosted two meetups this summer with Roquita Johnson, an award winning speaker, speaking coach, and contributing author of the book, Speak Up!The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry. Roquita is the creator of Slay the Stage, a movement in which she coaches aspiring and current speakers to create powerful, touching messages that stay with the audience long after they have left the stage.

If you are looking for a speaking coach or would like more information about becoming a great speaker, make sure you follow Roquita on Instagram (@roquitajohnson_publicspeaking), where she shares tips and you can receive details about her upcoming workshops. You can also visit: www.roquitajohnson.com. Below is a snippet of our #PowerMyNetwork Brunch & Conversations meetup this past June in NYC. 

[Video] Humans.net Interview with Yasmin J. Mattox

Prior to our #BusinessGirlMagic event this past March, our featured speaker, Yasmin J. Mattox, sat down with Humans.net for an interview to talk about forming her company, Arkatecht LLC and the important tools that go into being a founder.

Upcoming Event: #BusinessGirlMagic with April Tam Smith - May 20th (NYC)

Join us for brunch & conversations with April Tam Smith, Co-Owner of P.S. Kitchen


We will discuss April's philosophy on multicareering, how she started a restaurant enterprise with such an unique concept while managing her 9 to 5, how to give back in creative ways and so much more!

As always there will be opportunities to network and discuss topics pertaining to your own career, startup or business growth challenges.

About Our Featured Guest Speaker April Tam Smith has been in finance for the last 13 years and is currently a Managing Director on an equity derivatives team. She received her Bachelor’s in Engineering from MIT in 2005 and her MBA at Columbia Business School in 2009. Her experiences from serving orphanages overseas have planted a deep seed in her to be a voice for the poor and fight for justice while leveraging her Wall Street life, where resources to make a difference are found abundantly. She recently launched P.S. Kitchen Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, a social enterprise that uses 100% of its net profit to fund justice work they do through the non-profit foundation arm of the social business.

You can learn more about April's restaurant P.S. Kitchen by visiting:

Space is Limited. Early registration is suggested.


Upcoming Event: #BusinessGirlMagic Brunch & Learn with Jamisa McIvor - May 6th (Philly)

Join Us for brunch & conversations with Jamisa McIvor, Owner of Rosebud's Investments LLC


Over Brunch We Will Learn + Discuss Jamisa's Formula for:
  • Believing in Yourself No Matter the Odds 
  • Starting A Business 
  • The Pros of Real Estate Investing 
  • Setting and Reaching Your Goals 
  • + Plus More Business + Lifestyle Topics

About Our Featured Guest Speaker 

Jamisa McIvor, Owner of Rosebud's Investments LLC, is a 24-year old wife and mother of three. Through networking and learning experiences, Jamisa was able to acquire nine properties in just under one year.

At the age of 21, Jamisa’s grandmother gave her ownership of her property in the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia using a dollar deed transfer. She was granted ownership to help with maintenance and taxes. Not knowing the value of a house at 21, Jamisa overlooked the responsibility of owning a house. It wasn’t until her grandmother passed away that her real estate journey to take off. Jamisa bought her first property in February 2017 and was able to build an outstanding real estate portfolio in just under one year.

After expanding her knowledge, Jamisa created a game plan and began making life changing moves. Now as an entrepreneur, Jamisa has taken what she has learned to educate and inspire others about the importance of investing and to let them know that financial freedom is attainable no matter what their age.

You can learn more about Jamisa's company by visiting:


Upcoming Event: #BusinessGirlMagic Brunch & Learn - New Date *June 23 (NYC)

 *Update -This event was postponed (April 7th). Please make note of the new date Saturday, June 23rd.

Join us for brunch + conversations with Velvet Lattimore, Owner/Designer of Vedazzling Accessories and BADA Unite.

If you ever wanted to open a boutique or any other type of retail store or business. Then this is an event you don't want to miss!

During brunch you will learn:
  • The Pros + Cons of Brick & Mortar vs. E-Commerce
  • The Winning Mindset of a Retail Entrepreneur
  • The Hidden Realities of Store Ownership
  • + Plus More Business & Lifestyle Topics
This event is ideal for anyone who is:
  • Interested in starting an accessories/handbag line
  • Opening a retail store
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

  • Looking to build their network

About Our Featured Guest Speaker
Over five years ago, Velvet Lattimore made a decision to have a baby. She was tired of nurturing other people’s fashion dreams and gave birth to her own. She named her baby, Vedazzling Accessories Boutique, and it’s become the go to place for interesting and captivating pieces. Located at 145 Front Street in the heart of DUMBO, Brooklyn, Vedazzling Accessories is also a retail platform for emerging Black accessories designers. “This industry is cut throat and it is especially hard on African Americans who are typically undercapitalized and have difficulty securing orders from mainstream retailers,” admits Velvet.

So, to some degree, she still nurtures other peoples’ dreams, but now she simultaneously nurtures hers, too. Part cheerleader and part den mother, Velvet’s style is to guide the designers she carries so that they achieve a greater sell-through. She has also recently opened the boutique as a Pop-Up Shop venue which allows designers to get first hand feedback from customers.

With her resumé brimming with fashion industry job experience from production to marketing, Velvet also created her own handbag line – The Vedazzling Collection. Constructed of high quality leathers with pristine finishes, her bags are available at a mid-tier price point at the store and through her website www.vedazzlingaccessories.com. She also offers sustainable faux leather for her customers that want the feel of leather without compromising their beliefs.

Somehow, Velvet manages to balance her commitment to emerging designers and her need to flex her fashion muscle. With Vedazzling Accessories ranked number 5 out of 28 in Brooklyn shopping under the accessories category on Trip Advisor, this dynamo is encouraged and has her eye on the future. Ideally, she’d like to find the right partner to open other Vedazzling Accessories Boutiques in the U.S. and abroad. After all, there are talented black designers all over the world who are just looking for a way to make their fashion dreams come true.

You can learn more about Velvet's company by visiting:
Instagram: @Vedazzling


Upcoming #BusinessGirlMagic Events:
Philadelphia - April 22
New York City - May 20
Philadelphia - June 9

3 Simple Rules in Building Your Dream Network

A new year can mean the beginning of so many new things. If starting a business or new career is one of those things, one area you should be concentrating on, that often gets overlooked, is networking. Networking can be a key strategy in conquering your fears and gaining the necessary momentum to conquer your goals.

Meeting the right people is a learning curve to get you where you need to be faster. People who have already accomplished the goals you have for yourself can serve as a reliable resource and can give you the information that you need right away. It's on you to take action.

Attending events that speak to you and may attract the type of people you want to meet. Don't just go to an event, just to go and waste time. You'll feel unproductive and will lack motivation to attend another event. It's okay to pick events based on your personality type. If you're an introvert, meetups may prove more productive than a happy hour or cocktail reception. (Please note: #100BusinessGirls events are Introvert friendly).

Before you go sending mass emails and asking everyone to coffee or lunch. Do some research and see if the people you want to meet will be hosting or speaking at an event, if they have a book, or were featured in an interview. Sometimes the questions you want to ask them can be answered by researching any of those key things or just by following them on social media. While you may be an awesome person, don't approach people expecting them to "put you on". Put yourself on, by showing through your actions what you are all about and you will attract the type of people you want to meet, naturally.

Building your dream network won't happen overnight, there is no time limit. It's a constant process of adding, eliminating, and maintaining relationships. If you are looking for more tips and strategies you can read and download our networking playbook, 0 to 100: How to Grow Your Network the #100BusinessGirls Way.

Thanks for reading!

- Jamillah Y. Johnson