#100BusinessGirls Spring 2014 NYC Meetup Recap

(Front) L to R: Etophia Lane, Ernestine Johnson, Gwen Green, Jamie Gracia, Jamillah Johnson, Velvet Lattimore, Marsha Perry, Toosdhi Perry, Tanya Brown, Novagrami George, Nzinga Basir. (Back Row) L to R: Christina Barker, Deborah Clark, LaVelle Cook, Kenya Murray, Marian Andoh, and Jessica Sawyer.

On Saturday, March 29th, we hosted our first NYC Let's Do Brunch! Meetup of 2014 at Suite 36 (16 W. 36th Street).

Our Business Girl Topic of the Day was "3-2-1 Contract: The Importance of Having Agreements in Writing". As an entrepreneur, how important are contracts to your business?

Here are few quick tips:

1. All parties involved should come up with an agreement that is beneficial to everyone.

2. Require a deposit/Make sure you pay the required deposit for work to get started. This could be a 40-50% deposit due up front, with remaining balance due upon completion. Payment schedule will vary depending on the length of the project.

3. Shop around to find people that meet your budget or save up to hire the person you want.

4. If you can't meet your obligation, don't go dark. Communicate, apologize, promise to make it up, and set a new reasonable deadline.

5. Set up a cancellation fee in case you need to get out of the contract and include other protective clauses for deadlines, delays, etc.

Thank you to everyone who braved the rainy weather to make it out.

Ernestine Johnson - CEO, Syncrani LLC

Velvet Lattimore - Owner, Vedazzling Accessories
145 Front Street, DUMBO Brooklyn

Kenya Murray - Owner, Like A Celebrity Concierge + Lifestyle Management

LaVelle Cook - CEO/Writer, Dew Season (Publishing)
www.indewtime.com - Coming Soon

Marian Andoh - co-Owner, J & M Event Design

Jessica Sawyer - co-Owner, J & M Event Design

Tanya Brown - Owner, Lauren St. Julian (Jewelry)

Gwen Green - Owner, Ms. BoDangles Hat Design

Toosdhi Perry - Independent Medicare Advantage Agent

Christina Barker - Engineer

Jamie Gracia - Aspiring Entrepreneur

Nzinga Basir - Program Manager

Marsha Perry - Educator 

Deborah Clark -Writer & Reviewer for Goldstar.com

Novagrami George - Research Coordinator

Details for our next meetups will be announced soon!