{Recap} Fashion for Brunch: A Chat + Chew with Author Lorenza Brown

Nzinga Basir, Jamillah Johnson, Lorenza Brown, and Sully Ann Guerra

On Sunday, May 31, we hosted a chat + chew for women interested in starting or growing their own fashion business with Lorenza Brown at Pampano (209 E. 49th Street, NYC). Lorenza is the author of "How to Create the Fashion Designs of Your Dreams" and owner of Lorenza Brown Consulting. Lorenza offered great advice on working with manufacturers, sourcing fabrics, and pricing. She stressed the importance of knowing who your ideal customer is. Most people make the mistake of thinking they'll start a business and that everyone is their customer. WRONG. Before you even think of setting up your business, you should know who the person is you're designing for. 

If you are looking to start your own or grow your fashion business, please visit www.lorenzabrownconsulting.com for more information about her services. Her book can be purchased on Amazon.