#100BusinessGirls NYC Brunch Meetup Recap {Dec 2011}

Front Row: Amaris Acosta, Jamillah Johnson, Nicole Robinson, Jess Colombo, Katelyn Bogucki
Back Row: Tabitha McLean, Tamara Walker, Etophia Lane

Today was our last meetup event for 2011. It seems like just yesterday we were trying to decide on a name and here were are with three events down. On this beautiful December day, the location of choice was The Cafe at Trump Soho. After making introductions, we talked shop about various topics (what happens at Let's Do Brunch stays), but our Business Girl topic of the day was on "Becoming Fearless in 2012 and Beyond" and we discussed ways in which we overcame our fears in business.

Here are 5 of the 10 tips from our Art of Being Fearless tip sheet:

1. Being fearless doesn't mean being reckless, but it does mean being bold and taking chances.
2. Fear will always be there. Do it anyway.
3. You don't have all the answers. It's okay to ask for help. Seek advice when needed.
4. Be fearless about communication. The word "no" is your friend and only wants what's best for you. Never be afraid to use it.
5. Always open yourself up to meeting new people, new experiences. and collaborations that fall in line with meeting your goals.

Thanks to everyone in attendance:

Amaris Acosta -- Owner/Coach, Karaliene Productions & former Miss Caribbean USA

Tabitha McLean -- Owner, Thee Boss Lady

Nicole Robinson -- CEO, Gloss and Glam

Tamara Walker -- Director, NY PR Diva/Siena Media Group |
http://www.nyprdiva.net/ & http://www.nyprdiva.wordpress.com/

Jess Colombo -- Small Business Community Mgr, Zaarly Inc

Katelyn Bogucki -- Community Manager, Zaarly Inc.

Special thanks to OPI for supplying our gift bags with shades from The Muppet Collection and also to Trump Soho for their hospitality.